Do Flax Seeds Help with Weight Loss?

Yup. It's true. Flax seeds can help you to lose weight.


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Well, flax seeds are very high in fiber. Health experts have promoted the use of fiber for weight loss, and with good reason. Fiber makes you feel full because it absorbs fluid, then expands, which creates a satisfied feeling.

Do Flax Seeds Help with Weight Loss?

Research supports the use of flax seeds for weight loss, too. It is proven to reduce blood sugar levels, and may even help to prevent type 2 diabetes! Healthy blood sugar levels are critical to achieving, and maintaining, a healthy weight.

Flax seeds also have a whole host of other nutrients that make them a true superfood. They are known for their anti-inflammatory and anticancer abilities. So use flaxseed for weight loss--you'll get lots of additional benefits!

How do you eat flax seed?

I don't recommend using flax seed oil because it can go rancid so easily. It's a very fragile oil, and must be kept away from any light and refrigerated at all times, or it will go bad. Some people have difficulty digesting oils, too.

So it's best to eat flax seed in its whole seed form, or grind it just before you're going to use it. I grind about a cup at a time, then keep it in the fridge. I use this up within a week, so it stays very fresh. You can use your blender to grind the seeds, or a food processor. Some people use a coffee grinder--just make sure you clean all the coffee grounds out before you put the flax seed in!

There are LOTS of ways you can eat flax seed. I make low carb muffins with it, using ground flax seed as a flour replacement.

You can add flax seeds to just about anything. It's best to eat them raw. I sometimes put a teaspoon or two into my smoothies. This makes for a grain-y smoothie that might need some chewing, but I like that. Give it a try.

Another way to eat flax seed is in a pre-made fiber mix. There are several fiber products available that include flax as a primary ingredient. You could also use a fiber product during the mid-afternoon when you get the "munchies", and it will help to keep you from turning to fattening foods.

Bottom Line

The connection between flax seeds and weight loss is strong, and research shows the importance of fiber for weight loss. Use flaxseed in a variety of ways, including shakes/smoothies and in your baking recipes. It will keep you full, and away from eating foods that promote weight gain.

Do Flax Seeds Help with Weight Loss?

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